IMG_3912The safety and hygiene of campers is for us, first and foremost priority.

The children’s camp stretches a flat area of ​​about 40 acres, fenced to provide full security. It is impossible to unauthorized entry of people to camp or unauthorized campers output.

The camp has the advantage that between it and the sea, the distance is less than 50 meters, not separated residential area. Access to the sea is direct and is done on foot.

The camp has a clinic with a doctor and nurse 24 hours a day and clean environment with greenery and trees that shade the place all day.

It has excellent infrastructure and quality of construction of accommodation spaces with individual toilet and bathroom in each room. In camp the houses are built of double walls, double glazing and tiled. Therefore, the retention of children is comfortable, enjoyable, relaxing and above all, safe.

The team leader / child ratio is 5: 1 and group leaders stay in room with campers. The campers are constantly supervised. 24 hours to 24 hours, 7 days a week. Children live and play under the care and attention of our highly trained staff.

The quality of both drinking water and the sea and the pool was checked by the competent health authority and found to be the most appropriate.

The children’s camp “ALEXANDRA” for the safety and health of all children ages provides:

-Doctor and nurse 24 hours a day
-Clinic – Sick
-Safe and comfortable rooms fully equipped
-Individual toilet and bathroom in each room.
-Highly trained group leaders, in a ratio of 5: 1
-3 Lifeguards
-2 night guards
-Laundry and ironing
-Hot water 24 hours
-Modern fire installation
-Lightning rod
-Liability Insurance

All these make the camp “ALEXANDRA” one of the best summer camps in Greece.

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