sunflowerThe camp’s target is, on the one hand, to help children socialize with a spirit of co-operation in terms of friendship and love and, on the other, to offer pleasure and unforgettable summer holidays.

Our daily schedule focuses on offering young campers a variety of either sports, fun or educational activities, such as :  cyling, mountain biking, horse riding, mountain hiking, rock climbing, flying fox, mountain camping, river rafting and canoeing, shooting, archery, martial arts, aerobic, modern dancing and so on.

At the summer camp children stay in bungalows built of concrete walls, double glass windows and tiled roofs. A “green” paradise by the sea with tall trees and colorful flowers. Therefore, the stay of the children is comfortable, relaxed and, above all, safe. In the bungalows our campers are ideally protected from all unpleasant and unpredictable weather conditions.

ALEXANDRA is located on a beautiful land of forty (40) hectares, embraced by a high fence  for the safety of the campers. The beach is only 50 metres away and in between there is no street insuring the safe and the peaceful stay. The city of Thessaloniki and the area of Halkidiki are in close distance, whereas Touzla, a popular summer resort is only 4 kms away.

Our medical care is provided 24 hours a day by a physician and a nurse.  Also, the great number of trees ensures the protection from the sun.

ALEXANDRA  offers children a wonderful unique summer experience in a friendly family atmosphere

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